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    52 Books – Black Lives in History and Fiction

    As readers and book buyers, we make choices every day about what stories we choose to bring into our homes.  Take the time to look at the stories you read, the authors you buy, and the books you introduce to your children, and challenge yourself – how diverse is your bookshelf? This list is by no means exhaustive – through my research I found many that are not available in the UK, or sadly out of print – but it’s a start. I plan to continue adding it and making it a living resource that grows and provides you with inspiration. There is hopefully something for every child here, no…

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    Moon Landing 50th Anniversary

    On 20th July, 1969 the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle landed on the moon. Six hours 39 minutes later on 21st July Neil Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface, followed soon after by Buzz Aldrin. To celebrate this moment in history, here are The Curiosity Cupboard’s top ten choices for books to inspire your little astronauts and curious space explorers! Knowledge Encyclopedia Space! This laviously detailed book is the perfect go-to for all things space. With amazing illustrations, photographs, cutaways and star charts, this is full of amazing facts on the solar system and beyond. Taking topics such as the planets, asteroids, space stations and comets,…