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Favourite Felines

August 8th is International Cat Day! In children’s literature, we find so many memorable felines – from the Cheshire Cat to Greebo, Mrs Norris and Crookshanks, Macavity or Tom Kitten – we all have our favourite cat who adds that extra special something to the story. To celebrate this day of furry friends, here are The Curiosity Cupboard’s top five picture books where cats take centre stage in their very own stories!

Six Dinner Sid

This has been a firm bedtime favourite for nearly 30 years – the story of a sly cat who manages to get six dinners every day by fooling six neighbours into thinking he is their cat! Things start to go wrong when he needs to be taken to the vet, six times! Am sure many people can recognise their own greedy cat in this story of sweet, sneaky Sid and his big appetitie!

Slinky Malinki

‘At night he was wicked and fiendish and sly, through moonlight and shadow he’d prowl and he’d pry’. Told with a wonderful rhythm and rhyme, and of course some fantastic illustrations, meet Slinky Malinki the burglar cat! Such a joy to read aloud and children will love this cat’s naughty antics.


Mog the Forgetful Cat

A bestselling classic – surely everyone knows Mog or has grown up reading her adventures! In her first story, Mog keeps forgetting things and getting in trouble with her family. But just sometimes, her forgetfulness comes in useful and helps the family she loves. Judith Kerr has left an amazing legacy of children’s books and Mog will always be remembered.

The Cat in the Hat

The iconic character from Dr. Seuss! Made instantly recognisable to a new generation with his outings on the big screen, we were first introduced to the Cat in 1957. Sally and her brother think they’re in for a dull day – until the Cat in the Hat steps in on the mat, bringing with him mayhem and madness! A lovely fun story and perfect for young ones learning to read.

Tabby McTat

Everyone knows Julia Donaldson for her very famous Gruffalo, but did you know she wrote this heart-warming tale of friendship, loyalty and kittens?! This is the story of a busker cat whose owner must go into hospital, leaving Tabby behind. There is a little sadness, but such loveliness, that it will melt your heart and become a new favourite.


Cats are a big favourite in children’s stories – their cheeky characters are perfect for getting into sticky situaions, showing family life through their eyes and of course being super cute! These choices are just a few of the many books that celebrate cats and bring them to life.

Got a favourite picture book featuring a furry feline? Share your top choices in the comments below!

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Happy Reading!

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