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Moon Landing 50th Anniversary

On 20th July, 1969 the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle landed on the moon. Six hours 39 minutes later on 21st July Neil Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface, followed soon after by Buzz Aldrin.

To celebrate this moment in history, here are The Curiosity Cupboard’s top ten choices for books to inspire your little astronauts and curious space explorers!

Knowledge Encyclopedia Space!

This laviously detailed book is the perfect go-to for all things space. With amazing illustrations, photographs, cutaways and star charts, this is full of amazing facts on the solar system and beyond. Taking topics such as the planets, asteroids, space stations and comets, this encyclopedia covers them in depth and will inspire any young learner in their exploration of space.

You Are Here: Around the World in 92 Minutes

Be inspired by one of the most accomplished astronauts in the world. Chris Hadfield creates a visual orbit of earth, sharing his photographs taken from the International Space Station. A great starting point for researching the areas featured, the role of the ISS and the life and work of Chris Hadfield. WIth astonishing detail, you will never look at Earth the same way again.

Look Inside Space

With lots of flaps to lift, this is a fascinating book for little hands! Explore the moon, galaxies, the International Space Station and more with each double spread page. Board books are sturdy enough for young ones to hold and look at independently, making them ideal little bookworms. The language is simple and informative, perfect for reading together and sparking their interest in space.

Goodnight Spaceman

Take your bedtime reading into space with this beautiful story inspired by ESA astronaut Tim Peake and his sons! Travel into space with two little boys as they dream of joining their father on the International Space Station. Told with a lovely, calming rhyme, this will have your little ones dreaming of their own space travel adventures.


A Galaxy of Her Own

Telling the stories of fifty inspiration women who have been fundamental to the story of humans in space. Featuring such role models as Ada Lovelace, Mae Jemison, Mary Jackson and many other women who have had an impact through their work as scientists, astronauts and mathematicians. Perfect for learning about influential women in history and sparking an interest in the STEM fields.


The Pop-Up, Pull-Out Space Book

This book will enthrall learners of any age. With a spectacular 3D pop-out of the solar system to pore over, pull-out pages, facts and quizzes to discuss, this book takes you on a journey through the solar system and will be a fantastic boost to the studies of any budding astronomer.

The Space Race

This is a fantastic resource for studies on space exploration history. Follow the journey from Sputnik, to the first footsteps on the moon with this informative guide, packed with beautiful photographs, diagrams and detailed information. Not only does it trace the space race, but the book also discusses the obstacles faced by women within the programme, as well as highlighting those quiet heroes behind the scenes.

Little Children’s Space Activity Book

Just for fun! Packed with lots of activities and mazes, this book is perfect for little ones to practise pen control whilst learning new facts about space! With stickers galore, this will keep young ones entertained and asking questions about astronauts, planets and rockets!

A Man on the Moon

A book for teens and older readers (and grown-ups!) that charts the history of the Apollo programme by drawing on hundreds of hours of in-depth interviews from those involved. See the space missions through the eyes of the astronauts themselves, from selection and training to the moon landings, as well as the work of those in mission control. First published in 1994, this book is hailed as the definitive account of Apollo 8 to 17.

Hidden Figures

Two editions of this important book – a young reader’s edition and an illustrated picture book. This is the powerful story of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Christine Darden – four African-American mathematicians at NASA, who helped achieve some of the greatest moments in NASA’s space programme. An inspiring and important story.

With so many great books available, it really is hard to narrow it down to just ten! Hopefully this selection gives you inspiration for your projects, and they provide the perfect springboard for discussions on all things space!

Got a favourite space themed book that your family loves? Share it in the comments below! Would love to know which books spark the curiosity of your young learners!

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Happy Reading!

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