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Books for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year will soon be upon us. This festival, also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, celebrates the beginning of a new year in the traditional lunisolar calendar. The first day of the celebrations depends on the phases of the moon and so the date varies from year to year.

Explore the customs and history of this festival with these favourite picture books! I’ve also included some traditional Chinese tales for those wanting to take their explorations further. The perfect springboard to explore this wonderful festival and be inspired to create your own celebrations to mark the occasion.

Some books may unfortunately be out-of-print now, but can hopefully be found second-hand or in your local library. 

A downloadable copy of this list is free to download from our shop: Lunar New Year Book List – The Curiosity Cupboard

I hope you enjoy this list! Do let me know which books your little bookworms are loving! Drop a comment below, or come and chat about all things books with me over on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy Reading!


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