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Ancient Rome

For all those fascinated by Ancient Rome, I hope this list will help you step back in time and experience Roman life! I have chosen a mix of fiction, non-fiction and activity books that cover a range of age groups – from simple texts like The Goose Guards for younger readers, to Gladiator which would be perfect for your tween/teen reader.

Each book has a clickable link, so do take the time to take a closer look! Unfortunately The Orchard Book of Roman Myths is currently out of print. I’ve included it as it’s such a lovely book, and can still be found in libraries or second-hand! 


I hope you enjoy this list! Do let me know which books your little bookworms are loving! Drop a comment below, or come and chat about all things books with me over on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy Reading!






Note: All links are Amazon Affiliate links. I may earn a small commission from these links, at no cost whatsoever to you. This allows me to keep writing lists, and continue to make them a free resource for everyone.

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