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Weather Theme – Living Picture Books

We all notice the weather – when choosing what to wear in the morning, finding extra layers of gloves and scarves, complaining when we get caught in a storm, finding joy in snowball fights or sunbathing with a good book! The weather is such an integral part of our lives and often influences the decisions we make. For children, discussing the weather, and finding out why it occurs, can be an amazing way to help them engage with and learn about the world around them. It connects them to how they feel – cold, hot, soaking wet! – and teaches them to be observant and to ask questions. What causes the rain? Why is there thunder and lightning? How cold is it to make the frost appear on the window?

I’ve scoured the shelves to bring you my top books that celebrate weather! Lots of stories, some poems and a couple of books full of facts and activities!


I hope you enjoy this list! Do let me know which books your little bookworms are loving! Drop a comment below, or come and chat about all things books with me over on Instagram and Facebook!

Happy Reading!




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