Sky Hawk – Gill Lewis – The Curiosity Cupboard

Sky Hawk – Gill Lewis


A book-based study guide, suitable for 9yrs+


This is a study guide for Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis. Included are invitations for 2 extended projects and 14 activities – if explored fully it would give a month of creative study.


Books should be read for pleasure – that is the belief of The Curiosity Cupboard – and this study guide is intended to explore some of the key themes and ideas introduced by an author. The first step is therefore for your child (and you) to read the book and (hopefully) enjoy it!

This guide will take their learning further, looking at elements of the story in a fun and interactive way.

(Note: No materials are included, this guide works as a set of prompts that you may engage with at a level of detail that is appropriate to your child, their interests and the rhythms of your learning)


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