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Favourite Minibeasts Books

Minibeasts are always a favourite topic with little ones. Digging into the soil, turning over logs, hunting through leaf fall and noticing the small details that we often miss. Going on a minibeast hunt is a great way to slow down and become mindful of the wonders of nature! You cannot rush or zoom along, but must look closely and find the little things hidden away.
These books are perfect for read-alouds, bedtime stories and inspiring young nature explorers! They are a great springboard for sparking learning opportunities, nature journaling, making bug houses, collecting leaves and twigs for art projects, junk modelling and much more!
P.S – Wondering where the caterpillars, butterflies and bees are? Do not fear! Those are getting their very only lists so keep an eye on the blog!

As an added bonus, I’ve picked out a few stories that are perfect for older readers (7yrs +) who love creepy crawlies and are wanting to dive into a chapter book!

This book list has been specially curated with UK bookworms in mind – that means they should be readily available in good bookshops and the majority should be orderable from your local library! And if they don’t have it in the system, it wouldn’t hurt to make a request and see if they would consider adding it to the catalogue!
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Happy Reading!
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